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Why Sree?

The authentic spices for the authentic taste

Sree honors the legacy of traditional food ingredients that are grown, harvested, stored and cooked by caring hands. We are committed to provide pulses, flours, semolina along with authentic spices and masalas that are traditionally prepared to bring the homely feeling whenever you cook. With generations of knowledge passed down from home-makers who were masters of our regional culinary arts, Sree’s range of cooking essentials carry The Taste of Homegrown Purity.

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What makes Indian food special?

Is it the way it is cooked or is it the Masalas that make it so palatable. Perhaps both! Indian cooking has a distinctive style that is defined by the aromatic and flavourful spices that are also a regional specialty. We love the strong and sweet flavours of wholesome spice and fresh herbs.

And the Spice aura lives on in its therapeutic and nutritional values that remain integral to our diet.

Spices Care

How to Keep Spices Fresh Longer? Some Tips!

Keep at or around a consistent 21° C temperature.

Place spices away from direct sunlight and heat.

Transfer to tightly sealed, non-porous containers. Glass containers, ceramic jars, or metal tins all work.

Consider storing red spices, such as paprika and red pepper, in the refrigerator to help them maintain their color and flavor longer.