Sree Foods

Our Story

Savor the precious taste of home

Sree was born to deliver the flavors of home, to a loved one far away. Our founder Uma Sreenivasa learned the value of genuine farm-sourced food and spices from her own mother. With those values, Uma has always ensured her child and family consumed directly sourced whole ingredients – enduring all the sneezes and stress that come with refining and blending them to prepare truly magical home-cooked food.

When her child moved abroad, Uma decided to create Sree as a space to gather her knowledge of traditional culinary recipes, blends and ingredients for the comfort of those countless loved-ones who crave the aroma of home from far away lands.

Sree’s range of essential ingredients produce absolutely lip smacking dishes, where the flavors come from genuine whole foods and authentic spice varieties crafted to create wholesome food.

Every item on Sree’s range represents generations of mother-made-mastery.